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Terms and Conditions 


1) The following represent the terms and conditions of sale of goods and services as may be required and/or on the online contract.

2) The term Impressive Wardrobes means "Impressive Built-in Wardrobes and Storage Systems Pty Ltd".

3) The term customer means "the buyer and/or his representatives of our goods and services".



4) The sales and installation of goods and services as stated on the online contract constitutes a binding contract between the customer and Impressive Wardrobes and this agreement supercedes all previous agreements, if any, between the parties.

5) This agreement constitutes a contract for the purposes of residential building work under the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW).

6) The sales terms and conditions constitute a construction contract under the Building and Construction Industry security of payments Act 1999 (NSW)



7) The performance of the customer whether by verbal agreement or his signature on the online contract is deemed to be an acceptance of these terms and conditions and any variation there to, must be communicated in writing and treated as an addition to this contract.



8) Consideration of Impressive Wardrobes performance under this contract, the customer will pay the amounts specified on the online contract in full upon completion of the task unless earlier agreed to by the parties.

9) Any amount remaining unpaid shall be deemed due in payable and any default in excess of 14 days shall accrue interest at the rate of 12.5% which may be levied from the date of the default at the liberty of Impressive Wardrobes.


Delivery of Goods and Services

10) Impressive Wardrobes agrees to perform it's obligations under this contract with due diligence, taking into account always, high integrity and customer satisfaction in discharging it's obligations under this contract.

11) Impressive Wardrobes shall endeavour to deliver on it's obligations in a timely and professional manner and will always do it's utmost to achieve customer satisfaction.

12) The customer undertakes to provide Impressive Wardrobes, it's contractors or agents, with reasonable access to the work site at all times, communicate any issues of concern and where necessary, report any issues of misconduct by the said contractors or agents.



13) Impressive Wardrobes warranties its goods and services for a period of no less than 10 years, in respect of all matters arising from workmanship. Further, it agrees to provide a free maintenance service for the same period where it is deemed necessary.

14) Impressive Wardrobes is determined to ensure customer satisfaction.

15) Impressive Wardrobes does not provide warranty for Goods which have been inappropriately used, mistreated or not properly maintained.

16) In the case of painted surfaces, Impressive Wardrobes does not warranty such services from any markings or wear and tear due to use or poor treatment by the customer.

17) In the case of the use of natural timbers where specifically requested by a customer, the customer agrees that Impressive Wardrobes will not be held liable for any colour variation or grain variation appearing in the timber, as it is a natural product well beyond the reasonable care of Impressive Wardrobes.

18) In the event of a supply only order, the customer agrees and acknowledges that the liability of Impressive Wardrobes in respect of suitability of product and any future warranty in relation thereto ceases immediately the goods are picked up or delivered to the customer.


Risk, Title and Property

19) Title to property of the Goods and service stated on the online contract shall remain the property of Impressive Wardrobes until payment has been made in full.

20) Impressive Wardrobes retains the right to remove the said Good's and Services at any time in the event of non-payment by the customer without reasonable cause. Further, Impressive Wardrobes retains the right to use reasonable force to gain access to property in order to retrieve its goods and/or services for which a customer has failed to, or refused to pay for in full.



21) Where a dispute arises in relation to quality of workmanship, conduct, or any other matters arising from any matter related to this contract, the customer is at liberty to call upon or engage in resolving the dispute with our internal assigned dispute resolution officer in the first instance.

22) The appointed dispute resolution officer shall ensure that the aggrieved customer is promptly contacted and the issues pertaining to the complaint heard on a without prejudice basis to either party. If there is any possibility of reasonably resolving the dispute, it should be done so at that instance, even if it is to the detriment of Impressive Wardrobes.

23) In the event that the dispute proves difficult to resolve, both parties shall be at liberty to apply for arbitration or have the matter referred to the relevant tribunal for adjudication.

24) Any decision made by an external referee shall be binding on both parties.



25) The customer indemnifies Impressive Wardrobes against any representations or misleading statements made in respect of the Goods and services provided by Impressive Wardrobes, to any person. This indemnity shall continue to exist even in the event of termination of contract between the parties for any reason whatsoever.



26) If the customer defaults in its obligations to Impressive Wardrobes for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, withholding payment, withholding access to the worksite, causing undue delay making complaints that are deemed unreasonable or improper, or seeking to terminate the contract prior to it's conclusion, Impressive Wardrobes shall have reasonable cause to terminate it's obligation and the customer will be liable for the full price of the contract as if the contract had been completed in full. Any unpaid amount arising shall be treated as a default and Impressive Wardrobes may be at liberty to apply any means necessary to seek recovery of the outstanding amounts including but not limited to, legal costs incurred in the process both, party and solicitor client costs along with all other costs associated with the recovery process.