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Wardrobe Solutions- The problem of lack of storage

Posted on February 25, 2012 by admin There have been 0 comments

It is fair to say that most new home buyers have experienced the agony of not having enough storage or wardrobe space in their newly purchased homes.


The problem with existing wardrobes in newly bought property is that they usually lack key features in what makes a good wardrobe; ease of use and customisation.

hinged doors

When the wardrobe was built prior to the new homeowner or tennant moving in, it was built according to a low cost design. It is likely that the seller or owner of the property would not have been looking to ensure ease of use or an effective wardrobe solution for the prospective users. So therefore any hassles by the end users, associated with lack of shelving space or even hanging space, would be due to the low cost of keeping an alternative basic design.


Another issue would be the minimal customisation involved with each wardrobe. If it is a builder or regular renovator, regardless of the size or end use of the wardrobe, a basic design would almost always be used. This may not necessarily be due to its low cost, but also to prevent any unwanted response from over customisation. For e.g. creating too many shelves where there should be hanging. This issue can be solved by having one of our consultants out to liase with you and your builder to reach a solution on your wardrobe problems.


Wardrobe solutions are one of the most important aspects of home furniture, if you're concerned by such an outcome, it is recommended you speak with your builder or renovator on the different wardrobe solutions we can provide.


To have one of our design consultants on site to meet you or your builder or renovator, feel free to email us at [email protected], give our office a ring on (02) 9796 1022 or vist our showroom- open 7 days (excluding public holidays).


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