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High Quality Built-in Wardrobes- A combination of good product and service

Posted on February 25, 2012 by admin There have been 0 comments

High quality built-in wardrobes can be said to have a number of characteristics. What is now evident is that a quality wardrobe doesn't just simply end with the final product.


Quality in the built-in wardrobe industry consists of an informed sales team, a hard working production team, a competent installation team and ends with a supportive servicing team.


Well informed and knowledgeable sales representatives are the key to developing lasting relationships with new clients and marketing the brand on a personal level. It is on this level that clients can ask questions, make suggestions and even ask for opinion in design areas. It can be said that the sales team is the 'face' of a business, and with built-in wardrobes this is no different. The quality built-in wardrobes of a company are introduced at this stage and are seen as part of the finished product.


A hard working and fully equipped production team put the sales ideas into custom-cut material ready for pick up, distribution or installation. It is here where quality processes are constantly reviewed and where changes to systems are implemented. The team of production workers are seen as the 'organs' of the business. High quality built-in wardrobes in their disassembled form and 'born' here.


A quality installation team is necessary to fit the high quality material on site at the clients home. Experience and learned expertise are paramount during this process. This is where the ideas and designs become real life creations installed to an agreed size and style.


Finally, the most important and underrated characteristic is the supportive will of a company. It is all good and well to have a quality product installed in your home. But what happens when something goes wrong where it shouldn't? Will your payment in full mean no further support?


At Impressive Wardrobes we guarantee the life of your built-in wardrobe for at least 10 years. Many other companies purport to do the same, but how and under what conditions are not emphasised beyond the point that they 'offer a guarantee'.

Impressive Wardrobes means 10 years guarantee- there are no service call-out fees where the problem is a result of our workmanship. We have a service and maintenance team dedicated solely to ensure customer satisfaction after the installation process, free of charge. At Impressive Wardrobes, we believe that reassurance is the best way to ensure customer loyalty and peace of mind. A happy customer is always a returning customer.


To join others and experience the Impressive Quality built-in wardrobes consultation, installation and after-service feel free to email us at [email protected], give our office a ring on (02) 9796 1022 or vist our showroom- open 7 days (excluding public holidays).

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