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Wardrobe Sizes- What is the optimal size?

Posted on February 24, 2012 by admin There have been 0 comments

In any given context, for something to be optimal, it must derive the greatest benefit for its intended use.


At Impressive Wardrobes, the perfect sized wardrobe consists of a combination of client preference, 'doable' dimension size and practicality. All these with the assumption that no one individual's optimal size preference will be the same as that of another individual.


Simply put, at Impressive Wardrobes, we like to be flexible and understanding when it comes to our clients preferences. Take for example, the depth of a built-in wardrobe; the recommended standard depth is 620mm to allow for spacious hanging space and minimal interference of clothes with sliding doors. However, not all customers have the same sized coats, trousers or dresses. The option to add or reduce depth to a built-in wardrobe is available on request, thus shaping the optimal wardrobe size to customer preference.

At times, choice of wardrobe positioning can conflict greatly with what is a doable and reasonable sized wardrobe. Where empty space next to a door way may seem like the optimal place of a prospective built-in wardrobe, a window minimising the maximum depth of the built-in wardrobe may discourage the idea (unless ofcourse a window return is used).


Also something to consider is to ensure that you are gaining the most size from your wardrobe that the price allows. Where standard sized wardrobes up to a certain size will cost you the same (due to reduced off cut), the aim should be to allow for such an opening. For e.g. where the price of a 2- door sliding wardrobe up to 2.4 is the same at 2 metres or 2.4 metres, the obvious aim is to ensure it is as close to or on par with the maximum size as possible.


For any further information on wardrobe sizes, please feel free to send us through an email or speak with our staff to organise a free measure and quote.
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