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Complete Built-In Wardrobes- What is usually included?

Posted on February 24, 2012 by admin There have been 0 comments

Many often assume that all built-in wardrobe suppliers include the exact amount of materials on their products to be installed. After all, how could it be a completed built-in wardrobe without all the necessary materials as set out by the industry benchmark?


Well unfortunately this is mostly not the case. In an industry with many companies opening and shutting simultaneously in their quest to compete, some will do anything to re-shape the definition of a complete built-in wardrobe.


The most common areas where materials can be lacking from some companies include, omitting drawer carcasses from drawer unit sets and the use of cleats (off cut pieces) rather than complete uprights.


Most internal built-in wardrobe designs include a set of 3 or 4 drawers. Many built-in wardrobe companies will fail to inform their potential clients how the drawers are attached between the uprights of the built-in wardrobe. The less costly way for companies to attach these would be to attach the drawers and their runners straight onto the uprights. Unfortunately for you, this less costly process may mean less strength to the drawer's that are reliant solely on the uprights.


At Impressive Wardrobes, we ensure a full carcass is manufactured for the drawers to slide into. Meaning our drawer units will be more strengthened by the carcass that is attached in between the two uprights.

Some companies still rely on the use of cleats- off cut pieces joined on wall ends to support the top shelf. These are also major ways for such companies to save on full length materials whilst charging the same or higher price. These cleats are both structurally unsound and are poor, aesthetically.


At Impressive Wardrobes, we use full sized panels on all sides of the built-in wardrobe to ensure a quality Impressive finish.


To have one of our design consultants on site to meet you or your builder or renovator, feel free to email us at, give our office a ring on (02) 9796 1022 or vist our showroom- open 7 days (excluding public holidays).

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