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Built in wardrobes in Sydney

Posted on May 2, 2018 by admin There have been 0 comments

You have just moved out of your former house, you probably just reached 21, or you’ve just gotten married to the one of your dreams. While you both have chosen a beautiful home, there is so much that remains to be desired about your home- the first on this list being a built in wardrobe within the Sydney area to suit this beautiful house you just acquired, while keeping it below budget.

You both have flipped through virtually all catalogues you can set your hands on, evaluating some of the best Sydney wardrobe designs, yet something seems to remain amiss. Visitations to wardrobe stores leave you in even larger disarray as the absence of affordable built in wardrobes in the Sydney area seem to be a sad reality. To add fuel to a raging fire, your wife seems to have taken a liking towards one of the Walk in wardrobes in those wardrobe stores around Sydney judging from her non-verbal communicative mechanisms. The Costs are outrageous however, and there is no way under the seven kingdoms you can afford those lush looking wardrobes seen in James Bond movies.

A lot of people can only dream of having those lovely looking walk in wardrobes as there is an obvious luxury quotient attached to such. The general belief suggests that an attempt to acquire such would require large sums of money. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. These days, affordability is being built into these Walk in wardrobes while quality is maintained largely because these wardrobes are mostly custom-built.


As a result, your needs for a walk-in wardrobe would have to be put into consideration seeing that while some others may prefer to use their wardrobes for just clothes and shoes, you might want to have special spaces to store bags and other valuables.

Your decision towards the Walk in wardrobe design you require will most likely determine the materials, accessories, ad hardware fittings which may be used on your wardrobe. It is usually the best practice to contract a specialist at this stage of planning as so many options available especially in Sydney can cause choice issues for you.

Thanks to a wide range of highly qualified staff within our company, expert designers are almost always a call away to answer to your every need, ensuring you get the best possible value for your money without having to take a dip in quality. This also means that you get to have expert analysis and suggestions in line with your needs given the materials available for production.

Depending on your preferences however, you may prefer more clothe rods and a higher elevation than the standard specifications. You may prefer shelves and drawers with depth because of the accessories you intend to put in them. Some people possess narcissist tendencies thus the preference of multiple mirrors to fill their large jugs of ego (lol). You could also turnout to be the sitter, the one who sits every chance they get, thus the need for some seating space within the confines of your walk in wardrobe.

When it comes to exceptional designs, high level functionality and affordability in Sydney with regards Walk in wardrobes, we give the very best service. More than a quarter of our clientele come up from referrals. This speaks largely of our experience and ability in the Wardrobe manufacturing industry here in Sydney and beyond.


For some professional advice by an Impressive wardrobes designer, click here to submit a free quote form, phone us on (02) 9796 1022 for a free measure and quote. Also check out our Facebook page and Instagram pages for design inspiration.

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