Are your built-in wardrobes competitive relative to the rest of the market?
Many of our clients are actually surprised at how competitive our pricing is. But rest assured, our low prices are not indicative of low quality. In fact, we provide the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible.

There are many Built-in wardrobe suppliers using the same materials. What makes you guys so different from the competition?
That is untrue. Some suppliers are capable of deceiving consumers, unaware of what makes a good quality built-in, by providing inferior quality materials and taking ‘short-cuts’ in the installation process.

For example:

– Some suppliers use 80mm melamine strips on the sides of your built-in wardrobe, to save money on materials. Whereas, at Impressive we give 1950mm x 450mm upright panels on all dividing sections of your wardrobe including on the sides.

– Some suppliers screw drawer runners to the uprights rather than having a drawer carcass to screw to the uprights, to save on materials and extra labour. At Impressive, we use drawer carcasses to slide the drawers into. In fact, we dedicate a whole work station at our factory for making drawer carcusses!

Your company offers a 10 year guarantee. Some of your competition offer lifetime guarantee on their wardrobes, why is that?
In this fiercely competitive industry, many companies open up followed by closing up in a short period of time. In order for these new entrants to attract ill-informed consumers, they offer a ‘lifetime guarantee’ on all of their products.

We’ve had many enquiries in regards to servicing other built-in wardrobes from no longer existent sole trader’s and companies, that have promised lifetime guarantees.

So always question how long that ‘lifetime’ is? Years or months?

At Impressive we have been successfully operating for almost 20 years, we can assure that you will be looked after in that 10 year guarantee with ongoing 7 day support.

Do I need to come into your showroom? Aren’t built-in’s all the same?
That is certainly not the case. We encourage all of our customers to come into our showroom to see what they are getting and even go to our competitors showrooms to see the differences. Even the most skeptical client will be surprised to know that our competitive pricing is met with the highest level of quality.

Do you service areas outside the Sydney Metroplitan area?
Most of our work is done within the Sydney Metropolitan region. However, we may service some areas outside the region. Contact our office for further information.

Otherwise, we supply D.I.Y packages that can be manufactured and ready for pick-up 2-3 days after ordering.

For any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact our office on (02) 9796 1022 any day of the week, during trading hours