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Custom media units- functionality v aesthetics

Posted on June 18, 2018 by client There have been 0 comments


Every human loves beautiful things, and custom media units are no exception. Thanks to modern builds, the beauty of these media units cannot be over emphasised as they mostly sit in visitor accessible areas of your apartment. The struggle with regards to Custom media units lies in the ability of the designer/manufacturer to create a near perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics as very few clients want either functionality or aesthetics. For the bulk of individuals who flock to stores in their numbers to acquire custom media units, the hit or miss angle is indeed a minute one.


Despite being the bench mark of an ideal custom media unit, functionality to large extents may be the preferred of both features, seeing that the functionality of any product explains the need for the said product in the first place.


Most users get caught up in the thick web of aesthetics and clever marketing, ending up acquiring a piece of furniture which may not satisfy the functional needs of the customer in question. This brings up the debate of whether quality or application should rule a buyer’s decision-making process with regards his/her final buy.


It is a wise move to always ensure that Quality and application of the said media units remain at the very top of the buyer’s priority list such that aesthetics come just below to augment solid decisions made based on the solid functionality of these custom media units.


A typical scenario would see a customer trying to make up his mind on what to pay for, when a store attendant comes and talks him into buying the really glossy custom media unit at the extreme, laying down cliché sales pitches and bending the customer until he succumbs based solely on the aesthetics of the custom media unit. The user beams with smiles as he watches the technicians couple his new custom media unit in his living room. After they are done, he is even more impressed with his unit now as it looks a lot better in his beautiful living space. A little into summer and all the aesthetics seem to be setting with the sun each passing day. And to make matters worse, the chrome plated frames on the drawer section below have given way due to slightly high temperature.


It is the nightmare of buyers who have no prior knowledge nor consultation efforts from experts in the field. Next comes a face-off between buyer and seller, and all the nastiness that follows.


All in all, always ensure that your priority list has functionality and application above all else when going shopping for a media unit especially a custom made one, ask the functional questions such as “Can this hold my 40” OLED Tv?” “If my kid manages to get to it, could it become a hazardous item ?” “Does weather have any effects on it?”. After these have got answers, then you consider building aesthetics into your existing functional custom media unit. I hope this has been helpful.


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